Getting Rid of Squirrels

How to get rid of squirrelsThose who love to feed the birds often get aggravated when it seems the squirrels are scaring away the birds and eating all the food. Though it could be seen as the battle of the fittest, I can understand the frustration. It can be hard to get rid of squirrels, and most of the time it’s next to impossible. That is why it is a good idea to focus on redirecting the squirrels rather than wishing them away. This is something that I have been doing for a long time.

My mother, loves to feed the birds and has numerous bird feeders, and there are feeders all over the property. When it comes to hummingbirds, the squirrels don’t care for what they eat. However, most other types of bird food are welcome fare to them. Many can be seen climbing up and getting into the bird feeders. There are some bird feeders that are made to get rid of squirrels by making it impossible for them to get to the food, but even these don’t work all of the time.

I decided that I would make sure the squirrels had something that they would like even more than the bird seed. Squirrels love peanuts, but they also love dried kernels of corn. There are many different squirrel feeders on the market, but if you want to get rid of squirrels around your bird feeders you don’t even need the feeders if you don’t want to have them, you can just spread the corn out in a different direction. The feeders are great though.

Squirrels love peanuts and dried kernels of corn.

There are other things on the market used to get rid of squirrels, but I couldn’t say if they work or not. They might be worth a try though, especially if the squirrels are driving you nuts. Squirrels live where they live and don’t move around much, so it can be hard to get rid of squirrels no matter where you are, but this method of diversion have worked well for many. Just be sure that once you start you will have to continue or they will come knocking on your door.

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